Welcome to the Lavish Hero Fund created by Living Lavish.

This fund was created to give back to those who are in the front lines fighting Covid-19 for us. Staying at home is not enough! 

Everyday thousands of heroes go out there to risk their lives for us without asking for anything in return.

My name is Tyler Zankl, I am the owner of Living Lavish, an urban clothing brand that embraces that it is not what you have in life that’s important, but it is how you live your life that really matters!

Giving back

Staying clean

Saying thank you

Working hard

Studying hard

and most importantly… Treating others with respect and kindness!

That is Living Lavish!

After all, now more than ever, it is clear to all of us that we are all equal! We all live and we all die.

Even though we are all equal, there is a group of people out there making a true difference in this world right now. I am talking about those in the front lines, risking their lives for us! That nurse, that police officer, that doctor, the ambulance driver, paramedic and firefighter who is out there working harder than ever for you and I.

And we want to say thank you for all you do! Thank you for working hard without asking for anything in return while I stay at home.

I have created the Lavish Hero Line by Living Lavish. A line that embraces everything that you are and shows others how you are Living Lavish!


You can now support your heroes by purchasing any or all of these t-shirts that give tribute to those fighting for us.

100% of your donations will go directly to the Lavish Hero Fund.


The Lavish Hero Fund is a non-profit entity created to give back to those fighting Covid-19 for us.

Our main goal is to be able to provide some extra money for our Heroes that can be used as they please.


The amount of money sent to each hero will be based on their current salary and how much money there is available in the fund.

This money will be distributed in a first come first serve basis as funds become available.

All we need is your latest W2 form and latest Paystub. Your gift will equal one month's income. 

Every shirt will be sold for $40 dollars. Your purchase will pay for only the cost of the shirt.

Any cent made over the cost will go directly to our Lavish Hero Fund. 

We are inviting all business owners who want to be involved to reach out to us!

You can donate to the fund in three ways.

1. Donate a percentage of your sales

2. Make a monetary donation

3. Purchase any or all of our Lavish Hero collection


It is the Fund’s goal to provide each applicant one month’s salary per year. Each applicant will be assessed on an individual basis using the criteria set forth herein.  Application does not guaranty funding as funding is based on the availability of funds raised and each applicant is assessed on a first come first serve basis.  The Fund is committed to providing necessary resources for all applicants and will not accumulate collections for its own benefit.  All proceeds shall be distributed in a prompt manner to get the money in the hands of those in need.